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Founded in 1992, the International Tax Policy Forum (ITPF) sponsors nonpartisan academic research and conferences to promote an informed dialogue on international tax issues. Currently, ITPF's membership includes more than 40 major, U.S.-based multinational companies. Contact Us


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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act News

US tax reform - special focus

International Tax Review

By: Josh White

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is the most eagerly-awaited tax bill in a generation, with implications for trillions of dollars worldwide. International Tax Review looks at the trends since tax reform came into force.

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Profits Surge at Big U.S. Firms

WSJ logoBy: Thomas Gryta (The Wall Street Journal)

America’s biggest companies are reporting some of the strongest earnings growth since the recession, boosted by lowered tax rates and a robust U.S. economy that is fueling demand across industries.

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US Treasury outlines tax reforms over $3tn offshore cash pile

Financial TimesBy: Sam Fleming (Financial Times)

The US Treasury has set out details of tax reforms to tackle $3tn worth of corporate earnings hoarded overseas, as it introduces a regime it hopes will boost investment in the country.

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Latest News

Proposed FTC Regs Balance Accuracy and Administrability

Some controversial aspects of the new proposed foreign tax credit regulations were intended to reliably approximate economic reality in an administrable way rather than to prevent perceived abuse or avoidance.

Tax Analysts By Ryan Finley

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Treasury Reassessing GILTI Net Used Tested Loss Rule

The U.S. Treasury has indicated that the door may be open to revisiting its controversial net used tested loss amount rule under its guidance to the global intangible low-taxed income provision.

Tax Analysts By Andrew Velarde

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ICAP Participant Countries Working Toward Convergence

Although total uniformity may be unrealistic, the eight countries participating in the Forum on Tax Administration’s international compliance assurance program (ICAP) pilot are trying to develop common risk assessment standards for country-by-country reporting data.

Tax Analysts By Ryan Finley

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