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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act News

The Debate Over How to Report the Repatriation Tax

BloombergBy: Amanda Iacone (Bloomberg BNA)

U.S. companies are expected to pay billions in federal taxes to bring back cash they've built up overseas over the last three decades. But investors might not know it by reading their financial statements. Analysts told Bloomberg Tax that the ambiguity starts with where in their annual or quarterly reports companies are reporting the repatriation tax.

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U.S. Government Revenues Drop in Wake of Tax Cuts

WSJ logoBy: Ben Leubsdorf and Richard Rubin (The Wall Street Journal)

Corporations taking advantage of new, lower tax rates reduced their payments to the federal government last month. The Treasury Department on Thursday said government receipts fell 7% in June compared with the same month a year earlier, including a 33% drop in gross corporate taxes.

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US companies' share buyback plans smash record

Financial TimesBy: Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson (Financial Times)

Stock buyback announcements by US companies smashed records in the second quarter, feeding the debate over how boardrooms are spending their windfall from the Republican tax cuts President Donald Trump signed into law in December.

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Latest News

Arm's-Length Standard Is Flexible Enough for Digital Economy

Tax Analysts

by Ryan Finley

The digitalization of the economy may create challenges in applying traditional transfer pricing methods, but the arm's-length standard is still a better approach than formulary apportionment, according to an IRS official.

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The OECD-Led International Compliance Assurance Programme: A Game Changer?

Tax Analysts

by Satoru Araki

In this article, the author discusses the background, significance, and potential implications of the International Compliance Assurance Programme, a pilot initiative recently launched under the auspices of the OECD.

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Italyís New Capital Gains Tax Regime for Nonresident Companies

Tax Analysts

by Roberto Romito

In this article, the author discusses measures in Italy’s 2018 Budget Law that could result in a higher capital gains tax burden on foreign companies disposing of shares in Italian entities and that may, in practice, conflict with EU law. He offers suggestions to companies affected by the change, noting issues they should take into consideration when planning for and calculating Italian taxes.

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