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IRS Moves to Curtail Cross-Border Partnership Transfers

Tax Analysts

by Matthew R. Madara (Tax Notes)

The IRS on January 18 released temporary and final regulations on cross-border partnership transfers that disallow nonrecognition treatment to some transfers of built-in gain property to partnerships with foreign partners.
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Lawmakers reject EU laundering blacklist, want tax havens included

by Francesco Guarascio (Reuters)

European Union lawmakers rejected on Thursday an EU blacklist of ten countries at risk of facilitating money laundering or terrorist financing on the grounds that the list is too short and needs to be expanded to include tax havens.

In a bid to cut terrorist funding after January 2015 attacks on French magazine Charlie Hebdo, the EU adopted stricter rules against money laundering and began naming countries with legal loopholes that could be exploited by militant organizations to get funding.
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Advocate general: Gibraltar and UK one entity on tax issues

by Cynthia Kroet (POLITICO Europe)

An advocate general for Europe’s highest court said Thursday the United Kingdom and Gibraltar should be treated as “one entity” in their freedom to provide services.

“The application of EU law to Gibraltar does not create new or supplementary rights between the U.K. and Gibraltar that are in addition to those flowing from U.K. and Gibraltar constitutional law,” wrote Advocate General Maciej Szpunar. The European Court of Justice usually follows the line of thinking of its advocate generals, and will rule on the case in the coming months.
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